FAT - FATO - Reduce some of the steps for submitting a tasksheet

Reduce some of the steps for submitting a tasksheet, i.e. finalize attempt, submit, submit all and finish.  Only 1 is needed.

This is specific for FAT Online

  • Kevin Murphy
  • Nov 8 2017
  • Will not implement
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    Kevin Murphy commented
    November 08, 2017 04:08

    The suggestion above would move additional clicks from student to instructor in the event that a student needed to edit a submission.  This has the potential to cause a serious inconvenience to the instructor, because the number a clicks increase for the same process and would be multiplied by the number of potential user edits.  Given that students are more tech savvy (as a generational statement) it is in the instructors best interest to leave this setting as-is. 

  • karyn fancher commented
    March 06, 2018 15:27

    I do not think this is correct.  I do not believe it will cause additional clicks for the instructor. You should be able to unlick the various submit buttons for students and that's it.